Thoughts on REDD+ and forests at COP24

This video consists of a series of interviews that three amazing women at COP24 were able to grant me. It offers three different perspectives on not only the REDD+ program, but also on the value and next steps in conserving tropical forests. Links to the full interviews will be added below.

Special thanks to the women featured:

Amy Duchelle – Senior Scientist at CIFOR

Fabiola MuñozPeruvian Minister of the Environment

Lourdes Huanca Atencio – President of FENMUCARINAP

And also to the resources used below:

Translator: Maria Barrero

Music: Digital technology by AShamaluevMusic

Stock Video: Pexels videoAerial Shot Of Trees by Pixabay

Source: About REDD+

Featured image: Pexels imagesRainforest during Foggy Day by David Riaño Cortés

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